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Eye Exams from Lawrence Eye Care Associates, P.A.

It is important for everyone to make sure they take care of their eyes. With this goal in mind, people should visit the eye doctor at least once per year. One of the reasons why people need to visit the eye doctor is to a trained ophthalmologist can perform a routine eye exam. There are a number of reasons why this eye exam is so important and the team from Lawrence Eye Care Associates, P.A. is here to explain to everyone in the Northeast Kansas area why an annual eye exam matters.


The Goal of an Annual Eye Exam

The purpose of an annual eye exam is to detect potential problems with eyesight before symptoms start to arise. These visits also provide the patient with an opportunity to ask questions about their eyesight. At an annual eye exam, the eye doctor will test the patient's visual acuity. The eye doctor will also test the patient's vision in the various visual fields. A small tool will also be used to measure the various pressures behind the eye. Then, the doctor will dilate the patient's pupil to take a look at the back of the eye. This provides a look at the blood vessels, optic nerves, retina, and more. Sometimes, the eye doctor does detect problems with the eyes that the patient didn't even know were there.

Problems Detected at an Annual Eye Exam

Sometimes, the eye doctor does detect something wrong. If the pressure behind the eye is off, this can be a sign of a disease called glaucoma. This is a serious condition and requires the attention of a trained medical professional. In other cases, the doctor may detect issues related to visual acuity. This can be corrected with lenses that can make a tremendous difference in someone's overall quality of life. Regular eye exams are also important for people who have chronic conditions such as diabetes. Rely on a trained eye doctor to monitor your visual acuity and eyesight.

Rely on the Experienced Team from Lawrence Eye Care Associates, P.A.

These are only a few of the many benefits of relying on an annual eye exam. Anyone who has questions or concerns about their eyesight in the Northeast Kansas area should call the team from Lawrence Eye Care Associates, P.A. Experienced providers such as Bilal Farhat, Curtis R. Brown, Michael L. Mulhern, and Mary Pat Lange are here to help everyone with their eye care needs. We place a lot of effort into providing our patients with the latest information in our field. We would be honored to take care of you and your family.

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