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We at the Lawrence Eye Care Associates want you to have the best prescription eyewear. However, eyeglasses are more than simply a piece of equipment; they are statements of personality and stature, power and perspective.


There are many glasses to fit your complexion and persona you want others to see. If there is a color that can be put into plastic or on metal, you can probably find frames that color.

Factors to Consider

One of our biggest considerations is the general shape of your face. This is the visible area, which may or may not include your hairline. General shapes include oval, round, angular, square or diamond, long, narrow or short. When you look into a mirror, what shape do you see compared to other people? The shape of your face should suggest different types of frames. Fancy shapes include cat-eyes, hearts, butterflies, etc.

Above all, the glasses must serve the functions they were purchased for. Nobody likes spending a lot on glasses, only to find the glasses are mostly useless. For example, Computer office workers should have a pair of computer glasses. Special lenses are available for snow, ski, and welding goggles.

Lenses may be plastic, glass, polycarbonate, impact-resistant, and photochromic. Frames can be from a combination of steel, titanium, or plastic. 

The type of nose bridge can be important. Saddle or keyhole bridges are strong, great for athletes and hard-labor workers. Some types of adjustable nose pads can be weak, though elegant in appearance.

Whenever possible, get spring hinges on the frame. Life is full of bounces and spring hinges protect your eyeglass adjustments.

The strength of your prescription can limit the types of frames you can choose. Ask your optician before you set your heart on any one particular style.

For light prescriptions:

  • Most frame designs can accommodate light prescriptions.
  • If you want any fancy shapes, check with the optician to see if your prescription can be made with that shape.

For strong prescriptions:

  • The stronger the prescription, the thicker and heavier the lenses.
  • Heavy lenses may require a full-bridge for the nose. Nose pads may too easily bend out of shape and hurt.
  • High-index lenses may be available, depending upon the frame design and prescription.

For Multi-focal and Progressive Prescriptions:

  • Lens shapes may be limited.

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We have four ophthalmologists to work with: Dr. Bilal Farhat, Dr. Curtis R. Brown, Dr. Michael L. Mulhern, and Dr. Mary Pat Lange. The ophthalmologist will work with an optician to make sure you get the best eye glasses for your needs and purposes. We are located in Lawrence, KS, also serving the needs of people in Topeka and Ottawa. You can call us at 785-841-2280 to schedule an appointment today!

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