The Importance of Sunglasses

It is important to protect your eyesight. At Lawrence Eye Care Associates in Lawrence, KS we prioritize our annual eye exam because this is an important part of preventative eye care. We want to prevent issues from developing with your eyes instead of reacting afterward. Another great tool that people can use to protect their eyes is sunglasses. We offer a variety of sunglasses to choose from that can be customized to use your prescription to allow for optimal vision outdoors. There are a number of significant benefits to sunglasses that everyone should know about.

The Benefits of Sunglasses


When it comes to sunglasses, there are a number of significant benefits that everyone should know.

Improved Vision: The most obvious benefit that sunglasses provide is their vision improvement. Sunglasses act to polarize the light, drawing out the contrast in the field of view. For example, sunglasses can make it easier to see fish underwater and can make it easier to track a golf ball in flight. When you wear sunglasses, the glasses will also reduce the glare that comes off of the ice, water, and pavement. This means that sunglasses can improve your safety as well.

Eye Protection: One of the most important benefits of sunglasses is that they will protect the eyes from the UV radiation of the sun. This radiation has the potential to damage the eyes, leading to the formation of cataracts. Do not let this happen. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Skin Cancer Protection: Sunglasses can actually prevent skin cancer as well. Sunglasses protect the eyelids. The skin of the eyelids is a common location for melanoma to form. When you wear sunglasses, the glasses protect the eyelids against UV radiation as well. This can reduce the chances of developing skin cancer.

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At Lawrence Eye Care Associates we are led by Bilal Farhat, Curtis R. Brown, Michael L. Mulhern, and Mary Pat Lange. All of our doctors have undergone extensive training and are eager to help you with your vision health. We offer a wide variety of sunglasses to choose from to fit your face and your sense of style. If you are in the Topeka or Lawrence area, and you’re looking for an ophthalmologist, you should look no further than our practice. If you would like to make an appointment with our team, then please call us today at (785) 841-2280.

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